BREKEKEKEX is a composition for solo classical guitar and live electronics. Like my earlier piece SECRET ANIMALS, it employs a virtual reality (VR) video score created for playback using the Oculus Rift Head-Mounted Display (HMD). The piece explores the interface between physical and virtual realities in the context of classical guitar performance. It borrows material from John Dowland’s Frog Galliard (1523-1626)—the Aristophanic title is a nod to the subtle ribbiting in the live electronics part.

This work was composed in collaboration with David Cotter, who is currently undertaking a PhD in Music at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge. It was premiered on 26 February 2019 as part of the EXPO series for experimental music, appearing alongside performances by a variety of local sound artists, composers and DJs. I have also presented on the piece as part of the RMA Study Day The Classical Musician in the 21st Century (“Old Frogs, New Tricks: Technology and Identity in a New Collaborative Work”) and my collaborator David presented a lecture-recital on the work at the International Guitar Research Centre Conference (“New Work for Classical Guitar & Live Electronics with Dynamic VR Score”). BREKEKEKEX—like many of my pieces using a virtual reality headset score—is bipartite, consisting primarily of a video score and a Max/MSP & Jitter patch.