IN MIGHTY SILENCE is an octophonic semi-generative installation with optional live performers about George Morrell (the only manager ever to get Arsenal FC relegated) and George Murrell (a longtime friend of the composer).

The piece is a self-sustaining Max/MSP patch that can run indefinitely. This indeterminate installation is constructed using samples from a variety of sources; including an interview I conducted with George Murrell on a life punctuated by football, field recordings of the Emirates Stadium (as well as terrace chants), distorted ‘noise’ samples, spectrally processed recordings of string instruments, and recordings of (football) chant melodies played on the violin. Carefully coordinated reset timers ensure that material is spread evenly, and listeners are unlikely to hear the same material repeated gratuitously. Similarly, semi-randomly selected spatialisation means repeated material is always presented in a new context. Accordingly, the recommended running time for IN MIGHTY SILENCE is anywhere from one to two hours (and up).