IT’S A LONDON THING 3012 (2018)
“If you feel there’s something we missed, something you want to have happened and would like to bring into being, please let us know using the contact form.” (Jennifer Walshe)

IT’S A LONDON THING 3012 is an (a)historical exhibition set in the year 3012. It details a moment in the late twentieth century (c. 1993-1999) in which the burgeoning UK Garage scene rallied behind artist Mark Wallinger in support of his White Horse at Ebbsfleet project. This of course, did not happen. By constructing a fictional history (akin to Droppe’s “speculative historiography” or Walshe’s “revisionist exercise in ‘what if?’”) the project questions the boundaries we draw between different musical genres, as well as foregrounding the canon’s erasure of class and/or race from generic narratives. This exhibition’s fictionalised account of UK Garage (here mis- translated as ‘United Kingdom Garage’) as a ‘classical’ idiom suggests we should be skeptical about our internalised hierarchies of genre, but also critically interrogate the assumed accuracy of our musical histories.