for classical guitar and live electronics

Taking ideas incipient in my earlier SECRET ANIMALS (for cello & live electronics with VR score), the piece explores the interface between physical and virtual realities in the context of classical guitar performance; principally through a semi-structured improvisational approach using instructional and notated material displayed in 3D space using the Oculus Rift system. Fragments of material appear and disappear in a panoramic field around the performer, forcing embodied decision-making and emphasising gestural content. The piece’s live electronic component utilises the Constellation tracking system, transforming real-time positioning data (using Max/MSP & Jitter) into an ambient soundscape over which the performer improvises. Movement thus decides content (ie. the fragment of material the performer is looking at), but also context (ie. the process of reading the panoramic score affects the live electronics).

This piece loosely borrows material from John Dowland’s Frog Galliard (1523-1626); the Aristophanic title is a nod to the subtle ribbitting in the live electronics part.