for solo voice & live electronics

THROWN ACROSS as in THROWING ONE’S VOICE but also as in TRAICIO or TRAJECTORY. This experiment uses pitch-shifting, spectral granulation, auto-tune, and ambisonic spatialisation; tracing fleeting shapes across the room in real-time. THROWN (ACROSS) was premiered during The Art of Noises II at Modern Art Oxford on 29th November 2018. It received a second performance at the JdP Music Building on Friday 1st February 2019.

THROWN employs a Max/MSP patch that uses the ICST Ambisonics package for spatialisation. The patch processes one input from a vocal microphone in a number of ways. There are eight voice channels which are faded in and out by the live electronics operator over the course of the piece. Four of these channels comprise autotune modules, and four are pitch-shifters. The autotune modules are set to retune the input to four distinct groups of notes; often producing awkward digital shifts between the note that is sung and the re-tuned pitch.