~ for solo performer & live electronics

“Virtual reality dissolves the distinctions, the separations, and the connections that characterize so much of the physical world and our social constructions of it. In regard to the body alone, many different aspects can be separated and recombined conceptually and experientially. Simple dualisms of mind/body, male/female, animate/inanimate, real/imagined become far less tenable. Virtual worlds offer immense opportunities for testing and blurring boundaries in those worlds and in this one” (Karen A. Franck, When I Enter Virtual Reality, What Body Will I Leave Behind?, 1995).

UNTITLED (THEY) is about what it means to be a human in a digital space. A collaboration with director Crispin Lord, UNTITLED (THEY) develops ideas nascent in THRESHOLD and uses them to explore Queerness as an identity as well as an artistic strategy and practice. It premiered on 25th October 2018 at Candid Arts Trust, London as part of the DIGITAL BODIES exhibition by MaloMalo (malomalo.co.uk).

Photography by Jasmine Darlington.